5 Hour Ocean Rapids

Journey... Nature... Energy... We are going to take you where ocean water boils and whirlpools build into a saltwater river of wonder. Join us for a close up experience with the amazing Ocean Rapids at Seymour Narrows, Okissolo, Hole In the Wall, Yaculta and Arran Rapids. Follow the tide as it rushes between the Discovery Islands on the east coast of Vancouver Island. Here the water surges and boils on its journey inland producing some of the worlds fastest tidal waters.

Ocean Rapids Tours are scheduled in relation to the phases of the moon which controls the tides. Please contact us for specific departure times

On this tour you will enjoy:

  • natural occurring phenomena
  • ocean currents of up to 15.5 kts (18 miles / hr)
  • these currents made early water travel in the area treacherous
  • many areas are still impassable by larger vessels
  • Common terms we use: - Tide Rip, Boils, Whirl Pool, Standing Waves, Devil's Hole, The Drain, Kissed by Okissolo

Package Booking and Cancellation Policy

Refundable deposit 48 hour cancellation policy on groups up to 4 people, 7 day cancellation policy on larger groups.

Conditions Apply -  Taxes not included.