5 Ways to Have a More Sustainable Christmas!

Assortment of Christmas Gifts

1) Shop and Support Local Businesses

This year more than ever independent small businesses need our support. Buying from small shops helps families in your community in

Assortment of Christmas Gifts
Photo by Ylanite Koppens

a meaningful and direct way. We know that for many of us, money is tight this year, but there are ways to support your local businesses without spending a dollar. Promote them on social media! Like and share their content and help build their social profile.

Some of our favourite local businesses include:

Bough and Antler Northwest Goods

WestCoast Tees

Mussels and More

Shelter Point Distillery

Or check out the Blue Box Program, that many Campbell River Businesses are participating in!

2) Be mindful of Food Waste

It is so easy to go overboard with food purchases over the holidays. Be strategic if your grocery shopping, and realistic with how many people you are feeding. Get creative with your left overs, who doesn’t love a hot turkey sandwich?!

3) Skip the wrapping paper

So much of the wrapping paper out there cannot be recycled and goes straight from the gifts, to the trash. Try using newspaper, or plain brown recyclable paper. Do you have extra fabric around? Use that, or find scarves at a thrift store to use! For those with young kids, have you been wondering what to do with that growing pile of drawings? Re-purpose your child’s art into meaningful gift wrap.

Assorted Christmas Sugar Cookies
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

4) Christmas Card Alternatives

Do you send out Christmas Cards every year? How about switching to a plantable seed paper? Or an electronic version.

5) Gifts that give back

There are so many companies out there that give back! Seek out companies that make a donation with every purchase, or have sustainable business practices. We donate $1 to Wilderness International with every purchase, and give all shoppers the option to donate more.