Whale Watching Tours

Humpback Whale breaching

6 Hour Whale Watching Tour

Explore the waters of the Salish Sea, Discovery Passage, and Johnstone Strait to find Humpback Whales, Killer Whales, Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, Bears, and many other marine mammals on either a Zodiac or Covered vessel.

A group of three killer whales swimming in the ocean in Canada. There are trees in the background.

Full Day Whale Watching Tour

This tour gives us the luxury of time.  With a focus on finding Orca, the extended day means that we can spend quality time with all of the wildlife that our spectacular area has to offer.

two humpback whales are diving under the water. one whale is showing its fluke while the other is showing its fin and back

Wildlife and Whale Discovery Tour

With multiple departures daily, this 4 hour tour fits anyone's schedule. For the perfect half day activity while visiting Campbell River!

a zodiac and a covered boat in the ocean with a backdrop of forest

Zodiac or Covered Boat

Our whale watching tours are offered on both our zodiac style boats, or covered boats. Head over to our fleet page to learn more about our vessels.

Did you know…

  • Our local waters are home to Transient (mammal eating) and Resident (fish eating) Killer Whales.
  • You can identify Humpback Whales by their unique tail flukes, and Orcas by their dorsal fins and saddle patches (light coloured patch around base of the dorsal fin).
  • In 2022 the Marine Education and Research Society documented over 220 Humpbacks in their study area, which is Comox to Bella Bella and northwest Vancouver Island.