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Humpback Breaching

6 Hour Whale Watching Zodiac Tour

Our 6 hour Whale Watching Tour we explore the waters of the Salish Sea, Discovery Passage and Johnstone Strait to find Transient Orcas and Humpback Whales,

Killer Whale Breaching

Full Day Whale Watching Tour

This tour gives us the luxury of time!  With a focus on sighting Orca, the extra time means we can spend quality time with other wildlife such as Humpback Whales, Dolphin and Bears along the shore.

Did you know…

  • Killer whales spend 95% of their lives under water and largely out of human sight
  • Adult Males: grow up to 9.5m and weigh 8000-9000 kg
  • Adult Females: grow up to 6m and weigh 5000-8000 kg
  • They need to eat 4% of their body weight/day
  • If an orca weighs 9000kgs it needs to eat 360kg of salmon per day.
  • They get their water from the food they eat, yes, that means blood.
  • Just as military airplanes are colored light on the undersides and dark on top during wartime, the colouring of killer whales makes them less visible from both above and below.
  • In the dark undersea world the whale’s white areas also tend to create the illusion of much smaller objects, while the black body virtually disappears in the darkness – allowing the whale to visually appear to be much less of a threat than it actually is.